Don’t worry… Be happy

Posted by Prospera Financial on March 1, 2017

Yes – now you have that song in your head. If it makes you feel any better, I do too. And hey, it’s not all bad. It IS kind of a pick me up.

I was doing my usual nightly reading (yes, I’m a nerd) and came across an article that I thought was pretty right on. In my younger years, and sometimes even now, I get stuck in the “once I do this, I’ll be happy” or “if only this could happen, then all will be right with the world”… I’ve started to learn that this is a losing proposition. We all need to find happiness in the here and now and if we can’t, we will always be chasing and chasing and chasing. The ‘what’ we are chasing will always change, leading us to be left just… wait for it… chasing.

The happiest of people have developed habits that will incite happiness regardless of life events- to boil it down- you either create it or you don’t. WHAT is happening in the background matters zero.

I’ve attached a link to an incredible article that lays out 10 ways to implement the happiness habit into your life. I have to say, I’ve implemented 9 out of 10 in the past few years (I won’t tell you which one just escapes me- can you guess?!) and my mindset is remarkably different through thick or thin. I have to say, it really makes a difference. You should give it a try.

To check out the full article and the 10 items, click here.

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