Since 1982, Prospera has been a steadfast partner for independent financial professionals across the country who are seeking full-service, boutique independent broker-dealer expertise and support. We’re proud to have helped our advisors achieve great success and look forward to being a part of your future.

July 16, 1982 – Prospera Financial Services, Inc. is incorporated in Dallas, TX as Addison Securities, Inc.

1989 – David Stringer and Tim Edwards open the first independent branch office in Irving, Texas.

1992 – Richard Pascuzzi joins Addison Securities as an independent financial advisor.

1993 – David Stringer, Tim Edwards and Richard Pascuzzi secure ownership of Addison Securities.

1998 – David Stringer assumes the role of President.

2000 – Addison Securities becomes officially known as Prospera Financial Services, Inc.

February 2001 – Prospera establishes a clearing partnership with First Clearing, LLC, an affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.

June 2003 – Prospera adopts the hybrid 1099 model for financial advisors and the Ownership, Control and Freedom strategy whereby telling advisors the clients belong to you.

2005 – To better serve their advisors, Prospera segments their business into Run, Grow and Protect teams and goes from a dual clearing firm to solely clearing with First Clearing, LLC.

April 2007 – Prospera adopts the tagline Success Your Way.™ to communicate to advisors that everyone has a unique definition of success and Prospera supports the freedom to choose how they wish to define it.

July 2012 – Prospera proudly celebrates 30 years of business.

September 2012 – Prospera Financial enters into agreements with ETF money managers Dorsey Wright, F-Squared and Good Harbor. The models developed become known as the PFS Portfolio Models. Prospera continues to make additions to the PFS Portfolio money managers.

October 2012 – Prospera announces the addition of the Virtual Sales Assistant program. This program gives advisors unlimited options when it comes to providing their clients with top-notch service.

April 2013 – Launch Your Way, a site focused on turnkey transition for financial advisors who are going independent for the first time, is created. Prospera also adds MyWorkbook providing transition advisors a place to keep track of their processes.

July 2013 – Prospera is pleased to announce a new addition to their clearing platform offering—Pershing, LLC.

October 2013 – Prospera rolls out three advisor support sites: Marketing Your Way, Growth Your Way and Insurance Your Way to support advisors with their marketing and growth efforts. Insurance Your Way, provided advisors with a one-stop shop for their clients’ insurance needs.