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Posted by Prospera Financial on August 22, 2023

Marketing 101
There’s no section in your local superstore where you can find all your “back to marketing” supplies – but with the right wealth management firm as a partner, you’ll be a full-time, year-round marketing wizard. Marketing is both a science and an art. There is data, and there is both intellectual and E.Q. appeal. Done correctly, it will establish and reinforce your footprint and credibility in your local market.

Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan 201
Where your marketing plan lands will likely be a blend of data and art – but where do you even start? Not to state the obvious, but you start at the beginning – with your goals and developing your strategy. Your strategy will define your audience, your content and messaging, and your intended outcomes. Once you’ve created your strategy, you will outline your implementation plan – some might call this an action plan or project plan. Regardless, it’s a plan! And that is where you will define your timeline.

Client Engagement 301
Your marketing timeline could feel a little overwhelming, but there’s one general rule of thumb that I’ve always observed: client engagement in marketing seems to follow the school year. In other words, the fall, winter, and spring are ideal times to target your marketing to your clients and prospects. Consider holding educational seminars, advertising in school programs, and holding holiday client appreciation events. This school-quarter approach allows you to implement a larger-scale strategy in bite-size pieces – consider a sequence of September-October; November-December; January-March; and April-May.

Year-Round Digital Marketing 401
Digital marketing has changed the landscape for your client reach, so make sure you’re active with social media and email campaigns and keep your messaging timely and interesting. Consider leveraging the tools your firm offers, like FMG Suite, which allows you to create a content calendar, selecting your topics and frequency in advance.

Back to Marketing
There’s never a wrong time to refresh your marketing strategy and plan, but let’s just say now is ideal in the “back-to-marketing” season!

As always – with a smile,

Kim Utz
Director, Marketing and Business Development

Posted by Prospera Financial