Shifting Your Work Mindset in the New Year

Posted by Tarah Carlow on January 9, 2019

I just caught a great article from John Graham of GrahamComm. In it, he talks about getting more work done, but to me, even more to the point was taking this start to the new year to shift our work mindset a bit. It’s easy to get into a rut over the course of the year and just start accomplishing tasks without too much thought. Most of us at some point get to the bottom line of just wanting to get stuff done. We also get into the comfortable so-called reality of feeling like we know what to do, so we just do it. Taking some time to adjust our mindset as if we are looking at things for the first time will often bring some refreshing and insightful results… not to mention being more engaging and energizing.

John highlights 17 ways that we can all adjust a mindset just a bit, and get a huge bang for our mindshare buck.

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Posted by Tarah Carlow Senior Vice President, Marketing & Advisor Loyalty