Are you okay?

Posted by Prospera Financial on July 29, 2020

The business world is a whirlwind of activity. Although it feels great to finish 180 tasks a day, at some point only eating a small ziploc bag of grapes and chewing on ice to calm the anxiety at lunch is bound to get to you. TMI? I would urge you not to get stuck in this cycle. We must stop, breathe, and recollect before the whirlwind has a chance to hit us again. 

Below are some good starting tips to help improve a day full of work:

Bring a healthy lunch:
This tip really works. We all grew up hearing it from our parents and it is one of those things that I’ve found that “mom knows best”. Healthy food and snacks can really rejuvenate the body and the mind, eliminate sluggishness, and truly revive your attitude.

“The first wealth is HEALTH.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just breathe:
Just like running is a form of exercising, so is breathing! When we take the time to do a 5-minute breathing exercise, it allows our brain to think positive thoughts and let loose on any stress we are facing. Your body will instantly feel better when you dedicate some deep breathing throughout your day. I know breathing exercises is not something that any of us learned in school, so take this as a reminder… it’s amazing what five deep breaths can do for our attitude and stress level.

If you would like to read more about different breathing tips, please take a moment to click here.

Just try it:
These tips allow for a full day of work to flow by smoother and healthier. As business owners or employees, it is important to prioritize our health. If not us, who? For us to continue having a body and mind full of energy for our clients, the core is truly this simple: feed your body with healthy fuel and breathe.

Have those times in the day where you feel your face on fire or get anxious? Breathe. Nervous about an upcoming meeting with a demanding client? Breathe. Been putting off a difficult conversation? You guessed it- breathe.

It’s been my honor serving in the guest role of blogger for Prospera.

All the best,

Kelsey Merino
Summer Intern


Success comes with a healthy mind and body!

Posted by Prospera Financial