It’s Check-in Time

Posted by Prospera Financial on December 16, 2020

It’s check-in time… and maybe this year we’re checking in a little more carefully than in the past. I think we can all agree that we have been “through it” this year, and for a lot of us, it’s anything but business as usual. So, let’s stay with this thought and visualize 2021 in terms of what you WANT to get out of it versus what you’re scared will happen. This will open doors for us to move on and move up. (Did anyone else just hear the theme song from The Jeffersons here?! Just me?)

One item of business that can help shape the next year for the better is to do a check up on your firm’s culture. What experience are your clients facing when they work with you? What feelings do your employees have when they come into work? Taking a temperature check of your culture and values can bring a lot of good – and what better time to assess how your firm is doing than now?

I thought it might be helpful to break down some of Prospera’s principals and values over the next few blog posts, and hope they may spark some creativity in how you can start implementing fundamental behaviors for you and your own staff down the road. Below are the first four of Prospera’s 28 key fundamentals that help describe the behaviors that define our culture.

1. Invest in relationships: What better time to pick up the phone and check in on your clients than the holiday season? Many people will be alone this winter, and with many clients of financial advisors being older, they could use someone to talk to more than ever. Miss the November/December holidays to send a card? Send something to wish your clients a Happy New Year! Every touch point you have helps keep you top of mind. And having strong relationships is what enables us to work through problems more easily should any arise down the road.

2. Deliver legendary service: Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been to a nice restaurant or a fancy hotel, but try to remember that five star service we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives. And don’t let not being in person stop you – you can deliver legendary service just as effectively virtually. Do the little things AND the big things that create a real wow moment.

3. Take ownership: Not everyone wants to do this every time, but respond to the situations around you, keeping in mind how you can take ownership. Include your staff in annual planning so that they can feel like part of the process. When we allow ourselves to feel real ownership in our work, we get the true pride that comes with a sense of accomplishment.

4. Do what’s best for the client: It’s really that simple. When you put your client’s interests ahead of everything else, you can’t go wrong here. Even if it’s to your own self detriment at first, clients will remember when you put their interests ahead of your own, building up the trust and strength of the relationship.

We are proud of our culture, but we know we have to walk the walk too, and that’s why we keep these behaviors in mind all the time.

The above are just some real-life examples of how we implement the values and culture into our firm. How can you do this? Do the above relate one to one to your firm or practice? Maybe a few tweaks are in order to make them your own, but it should get your mind thinking about how to do your own culture temperature check.

Stay tuned for more recaps and helpful ways to implement some of the ideas into your own practice down the road.

Happy holidays!

Katie Wengler Mohan
Account Manager – Corporate Branding & Events


Posted by Prospera Financial