Practice Makes Perfect

Posted by Prospera Financial on June 16, 2021

Let’s pick back where we left off in describing Prospera’s Fundamental Behaviors, shall we?

10. Make quality personal
Maybe it’s the marketing person in me, but this is one of my favorites of all 28 fundamentals. When we’re on deadlines, it can be tempting to turn in something a little sloppy because hey, the content is all there, right? Who cares what it looks like? Not quite – we make impressions through every interaction. Are your client meeting agendas branded properly or did you just whip something up in Word? Are your seminar presentations cohesive and run smoothly? Remember, every touch point is a chance to be professional and make quality personal.

11. Protect our clients’ data
If you don’t have your clients’ trust in keeping their personal and professional information safe and secure, you have nothing. In this day and age of every tiny piece of personal information online, our clients look to us to make sure we’re not the weakest link in data security.

12. Honor commitments
Stay true to your word – it’s as easy as that. If you say you’re going to do something… do it! And if it’s coming down to the wire and you can’t meet a deadline, at least let the parties at stake know what’s going on so they can plan accordingly. Be the person in the office that can be relied on and honor your commitments.

13. Show meaningful appreciation
It can be second nature to point out when someone does something wrong, but try to make it a habit to recognize the good work your team does. And be sincere about it. It feels good to be needed and appreciated, so the next time you see a great performance, speak up.

14. Deliver results
Setting high goals for yourself is one thing, but you’ve gotta walk the walk just as much as you talk the talk. When goal setting, use measurements to track your progress, and hold yourself accountable for achieving those results.

See how you can put these behaviors into practice at your own firm. You might find there are actions that come naturally and some you have to work harder at. Maybe you are a stickler on data security, and you meet your goals every year, but you have a hard time remembering to let your staff know they did a great job on that project. Practice makes perfect and the more you make a conscious effort to keep these behaviors in mind, the easier it gets.

Until next time,

Katie Mohan
Account Manager – Corporate Branding & Events

Posted by Prospera Financial