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Posted by Prospera Financial on April 18, 2023

As Director of Marketing & Business Development at Prospera Financial Services, Kim Utz drives the firm’s branding and messaging – from the advisor lens.


Survey says…

Anyone who knows me knows that I value the advisors lens. I’m known for friendly comments such as, “That’s not really how an advisor would think,” or challenging an idea with, “What would an advisor say?” In my tenure in the financial services industry – and let’s just say it’s longer than I’ll state here – I always strive to substantiate my commitment to the advisor lens. In other words, let the data do the talking. You want to know how you can tell what an advisor is thinking? Just ask them!

In the past year, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding the independent advisor mindset – and I began with a survey. One survey provided both complexity and clarity. I asked two simple questions: (1) What three words would you use to describe Prospera, and (2) What are the biggest benefits to your practice in your partnership with Prospera. The results were overwhelmingly consistent – and five themes emerged.

  • Culture – a feeling of belonging, like a family – where they have a voice
  • Trust – and that it is a two-way street
  • Freedom – to do what they think is best for their practice and clients
  • More access and less bureaucracy – to reach decision makers quickly without a lot of red tape
  • Selective – being part of an esteemed organization

Feel like these responses are your responses? It’s because advisors overwhelmingly want very similar things: to feel respected, trusted, and a sense of importance and belonging at their firms.

Your clients want the same thing with you – and this same methodology can be used when you are creating marketing for your clients or prospects. As you meet with clients, think of the two or three questions you could weave into your conversation to glean their insights. Jot down what they say and review your notes for common themes. Just as advisors share their perspectives with me, your clients will share their thoughts with you, which will allow you to create more targeted messaging in your communications with them and with prospects.


As always – with cheer,


Kim Utz
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Posted by Prospera Financial